Increase your ODDS of finding a great salesperson or sales manager by 10-15 times over traditional methods of interviewing and reference checking.  Use a validated personality profile to decrease hiring mistakes – mistakes that cost $8,000 – $200,000 per poor hire.

For twenty years, we have used personality profiles to make hiring decisions with greater accuracy.  They have also made selecting a top performer easier.  As a result, our confidence has increased along with sales team production and retention.

We want to help you with our profiling expertise.  And, we want to keep you away from a reliance on a ‘seat-of-the-pants’ interview – statistically worth less than 2% in making a good hiring decision.


Select GREAT Salespeople


Let’s keep it simple.  A great salesperson has the natural ability to do enough of the following activities …


Use a personality profile.  Quickly determine if a person naturally possesses the personality to do these skills well.  In other words, does the salesperson have the personality to handle these skill areas?  And, at what ‘power level’ can they do them?

Find Prospects.  Does the candidate have enough social drive and goal-orientation to get out among people and find prospects?  Do they have the social confidence to approach these people and build relationships?  Will they assert themselves.  Will they continually prospect to reach their goals?  A personality profile predicts a candidate’s ability to naturally find prospects and network.

Hold Appointments.  Will the candidate pick up the phone and make appointments?  Do they have enough goal drive and social confidence to do this on an ongoing basis?  Will they set enough appointment each week?  Will they seek to control the sale process or will they allow the prospect to control it?  Do they have the social confidence to present well?

Close Sales.  Will they quote enough business?  Will they ask for the business?  Will they fight to get enough business completed to reach their sales goal?  Will they ask about next steps?  Will they follow up in order to win sales?  Will manage time and activities to get results?  Will they want or desire to reach performance objectives?

We want you to lower the ramp up time to acceptable production.  We want you to increase the selection and retention of great salespeople.  We want to help you use a personality profile as a recruiting tool – one of several steps to make better hiring decisions.  We want to make you a conscious competent with a great recruiting tool – a personality profile.  (see craftprofiles)

And, we want your coaching confidence to heighten with a better understanding of one new recruit vs. another.


Select GREAT Sales Managers


Great salespeople do not always make great sales managers.  Do you have someone that has the right makeup for this change in position?  A personality profile can help you with this crucial sales team move or outside hiring decision.

A great sales manager must possess the natural instincts to …
Prospect for great salespeople
Plan sales team goal achievement
Know people as individuals
Manage sales processes – confronting and coaching performance of sales activities and face-to-face skills
Build teams and recognize achievement

Use a profile to determine a person’s strengths and weaknesses in these areas.  Will they prospect and network for great salespeople?  Will they focus on enough detail to plan goal achievement, sales meetings, etc.?  Will they care about their people?  Will they learn about their unique characteristics.  Will they confront poor behavior?  Or, will they give away praise and recognition?  Will they build teams?

Great salespeople oftentimes do not naturally posses the traits of great sales managers.  Goal achievement WILL NOT be pegged at the top of the scale in a great manager.  Sales managers must value step-by-step processes at some level.  Their personality will also require enough patience to plan and to analyze.  And, yet, this level of detail must not be so high that they are not active with their people and driven to get results.  Sales managers must not become paralyzed by analysis.

And, a great sales manager will give away praise and recognition.  They will not possess too great a need for praise themselves.

Personality profiles are great at predicting if a person possesses the traits of a great salesperson or manager … so let’s get started making better, easier, and more confident hiring selections NOW.  Please read through this post several times.  There’s much to be absorbed here.  Thanks,  Lance.

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