Increase your odds of finding a great salesperson or sales manager by 8-25 times over traditional methods of resume review, interviews, and reference checking. Use a validated personality profile to decrease hiring mistakes – mistakes that cost $8,000 – $200,000+ per poor hire


For more than twenty years, we have used validated personality profiles to make hiring decisions with greater accuracy. They have also made selecting a top performer easier. As a result, our hiring confidence has increased along with sales team production and retention.

We can help you with our salesperson profiling expertise. We want to keep you away from a reliance on a ‘seat-of-the-pants’ interview – statistically worth less than 2% in making a good hiring decision.

  1. Find leads to put on a prospect list
  2. Prospect leads for a set number of first appointments
  3. Hold appointments and uncover the facts, needs, and problems of a prospect’s situation
  4. Present solutions, quotes, and close sales


Quickly determine if a person naturally possesses the personality to do these skills well and with the least amount of forced stress. In other words, does the salesperson have the genetic makeup and personality to handle these skill areas in a competent manner? And, at what ‘power level’ can they do them?

Find Leads

Does the candidate have enough Recognition Drive, Assertiveness, and Deadline Motivation to get out among people and find leads in those social arenas appropriate for their market and for their Ideal Prospect? Do they have the confidence to approach centers of influence and build relationships? Will they assert themselves? Will they continually search for leads each month in order to have enough leads to prospect for first appointments? A personality profile predicts a candidate’s ability to naturally find prospects and network.

Prospect Leads

Will the candidate pick up the phone and make appointments? Do they have enough social skills, motivation to meet deadlines, and assertiveness to do this on an ongoing basis? Will they set enough appointments each week? Can they handle rejection?

Hold Appointments

Will they quote enough business? Will they ask for the business? Will they fight to get enough business completed to reach their sales goal? Will they ask about next steps? Will they follow up in order to win sales? Will they manage time and activities to get results? Will they want or desire to reach performance objectives? Will they seek to control the sale process, or will they allow the prospect to control it? Do they have the social confidence to present well?

Present Solutions

Will this person match up the needs with the services and products that fill them? Will they tell the prospect about both the features and benefits important for the prospect’s situation and its improvement? Will they have the assertiveness necessary to suggest a buying action and attempt to close the sale?

Follow Up

After the sale, does the salesperson value service and making sure the product or service fills the need, solves the problem, and satisfies the wants of the customer? Will they have the amount of compassion necessary to make sure the customer is satisfied and earn a referral from the excellent follow-up? Will they ask for referrals?

We want you to lower the ramp up time to acceptable production. We want you to
increase the selection and retention of great salespeople. We want to help you use a personality profile as a recruiting tool – one of several steps to make better hiring decisions. We want to make you a conscious competent with a great recruiting tool – a personality profile.

And, we want your coaching confidence to heighten with a better understanding of how your new recruit fits into the team.