The CTS Reports Don’t Stop With Recruiting

Many assessment outputs stop with the recruiting process, but from early on, the CTS Sales Profile has contained coaching instructions. That’s because, with many years of sales experience, we recognized how coaching increases performance and retention.

Most great sales managers recognize that recruiting is half the battle for production and low turnover. Coaching requires knowing people as individuals and then coaching them differently within a company’s sales process.


The CTS takes the scores for the basic 9 traits and then generates scores for 5 essential sales competencies. This helps you pinpoint areas for coaching emphasis.

Basic 9 Traits and 5 Sales Competencies

The Sales Coaching Report begins by listing the Basic 9 Traits and the candidate’s scores for each trait. The Basic 9 Traits include traits related to an individual’s Ego Drive and traits related to an individual’s Empathy levels.

Each trait relates to a salesperson’s job description. Science tell us that certain amounts of each trait create a personality for high-performance sales. By knowing these, you can make decisions based on the strengths and weaknesses you see relative to the sales position.

There is also a separate chart that plots performance  in the following five SALES COMPETENCIES: Finds Prospects, Maintains High Activity, Handles Rejection, Sets Appointments, and Sells face-to-face.
These five areas are also scored and the numbers derived from a combination of the Basic 9. For instance, high recognition drive combined with high deadline-motivation helps produce a prospecting personality.  These all help the sales manager understand an individual’s coaching challenges.


OUR Thirty years of experience has isolated the 9 traits key to sales success. The TIPS area in the Sales Coaching Report provides suggestions for coaching both the weaknesses and strengths in each profile.

Coaching Tips Per Trait

The last eight pages of the Sales Coaching Report analyzes candidate scores and generates individualized coaching tips. Each page corresponds to thoughts generated by one of the candidate’s Basic 9 scores. For example, sales managers learn how to handle someone with a high recognition drive or someone with a low assertiveness.

During a 90-day period, a theme is stressed for each candidate. The report then points out strengths and challenges and includes bulleted coaching recommendations. Sales managers enjoy a clear mind regarding how to proceed with teaching and training their salespeople.

Let’s begin coaching people better!


When you see this number, you can easily ask yourself if you have the time necessary to coach your potential candidate.

Recommended Coaching Hours

How many coaching hours will a new recruit require each month? 2 hours – 10 hours – 20 hours? When you see this number, you can easily ask yourself if you have the time necessary to coach the person. Also, some short to-the-point tips are provided on the chart,
or you can dive down to a 12 page Sales Coaching Report – all still at a glance or within a click.

Ready to make better hires?