INTRODUCTION VIDEO to the Recruit The Best™ system

In this video, SalesManage Solutions president and founder Lance Cooper explains the Recruit The Best™ system, which the CTS Sales Profile is a key part of.

Lance helps to illustrate the need to hire the right salespeople and the cost of making bad hires, both in $$ and in emotional toll on the team and management.

He also discusses the importance of hiring people with the right character, attitudes, motivation, personality and skills.   Using a tested assessment and also a proven interviewing system is a key to success.

In the world of sales recruiting assessments, the CTS Sales Profile shines brightly. Used by tens of thousands of recruiters, sales managers, VP’s and other sales and recruiting managers, the CTS has a long and storied track record.

The pedigree of the CTS:

  • Its roots are in the famous CPQ (Craft Personality Questionnaire) developed by Dr. Larry Craft and used with millions of applicants worldwide for many years. Written up in the Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review, the CPQ was the gold standard in sales assessments.
  • Dr. Craft is one of the first sales hiring/performance  and statistical-analysis scientists in the country. He contributed to many of the early sales assessments beginning back in the 1970’s. He is still active in research and development and continues to work with us to help us improve our assessment products.
  • After Dr. Craft sold his CPQ to an international company, SalesManage Solutions approached him and asked if we could partner with him in developing a next-generation assessment that built on similar science, but was improved and easier to use for our growing clientele.
  • The CTS Sales Profile has been engineered to help you determine the best candidates for high-activity sales positions and also to help you measure your existing team and plan the most effective coaching and development steps for them.