Sales managers and entrepreneurs move fast — in a competitive world. So do high-activity sales professionals. They multi-task to get things done.

Therefore, the recruiting tools used must be time-efficient and useable; simple, but effective. With these challenges in mind, we designed the sales profile reports from the CTS Sales Profile (CTS) to give sales managers a quick summary of the predictability of a candidate’s potential sales performance.


At the top of the page is the compatability score. Eg. 62%, 78%, etc. This shows the statistical degree of match for a specific sales position.

It’s All About Compatibility

At the top of the report page is the compatibility score: 62%, 78%, etc.  A predicted compatibility rating of high, moderate, or low is shown.

Page two shows scores of the 5 most important “Sales Competencies”. The scores on these competencies help direct you to areas of focus during the interview process, and guide you while coaching existing reps.


Thirty-plus years of experience have taught us about 9 traits that predict success for salespeople.

Nine Trait Scales

30-plus years of experience have taught us the importance of  9 basic personality traits that often predict success in sales. Salespeople possessing these traits usually perform sales activities with less stress. The CTS profile report gives candidate scores relative to an ideal range in each trait. You can see at a glance with each trait where the candidate scored within the statistical range of successful sales professionals. The traits shown are deadline-motivation, independent spirit, assertiveness, analytical, self-promotion, compassion, recognition drive, belief in others, and optimism.


When you see this number, you can easily ask yourself if you have the time necessary to coach your potential candidate.

Recommended Coaching Hours

How many coaching hours will a new recruit require each month? 2 hours; 10 hours; 20 hours? When you see this number, you can ask yourself if you have the time necessary to coach this candidate.

The chart also gives some short tips, or you can dive down into a 12 page Sales Coaching Report.

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