“What makes a GREAT sales trainer? Ah … the makeup … personality? character? talent? skills? knowledge? attitudes and beliefs!!!!

Attitudes and beliefs make up the most important part of a great sales trainer’s makeup. They frame what a sales trainer decides to learn, how the trainer applies knowledge, and what results the trainer strives to accomplish. ?

I’m going to put these attitudes and beliefs in yes or no question form to simulate a picture of a great sales trainer. And, I’m going to put the questions in order of importance. ??

Does the trainer: ?
1. “Care about the needs of those being trained?” ?[If so, they will be discovered and acted upon prior to, during, and after training.] ??

2. “Believe that people can get better?”(that the participants have what it takes.) ?[If so, that belief will be transferred during and after training. People will be inspired.] ??

3. “Believe that people motivate themselves?” ?[Trainers put together an environment in which people want to get better.] ??

4. “Believe that failure is an ingredient in giving your best as people strive to grow?” ?[If so, the trainer will present with humility and people will pursue getting better with less fear.] ??

5. “Believe that teams are more important than individuals?” ?[Great trainers will get people working together on sales issues and team goal achievement. They will model respect for the individual and respect for the team. They will teach salespeople to learn from each other and to help each other – especially in the training room.] ??

6. “Believe that processes lead to goal achievement?” ?[If so, the great sales trainer will cover the three most important process areas for great salespeople … (1) Goal Achievement Planning; (2) Activity Management; (3) Face-to-Face Skills. The tools and skills of these process areas will be customized to the company.] ??

7. “Believe in following up training for the purpose of goal achievement and skill building. ?
[The great trainer designs reinforcement sessions and on-the-field coaching by sales managers to make sure new habits form which lead to sales goal achievement.] ??

Note: Bad trainers care about themselves before others – how they look and how they sound. They don’t care if people get better. They just want to get paid for the training. They seek to manipulate the emotions of people for their own gain. And, they do not care about teamwork. Followup is nonexistent and that’s what they are after the training.  Nonexistent.  Lance.

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