Great coaches believe the individual will win and the team will win.  What they do and say, when behind or ahead of goal, whether near defeat or after a loss, builds confidence in future achievement.

This is not to say that they coach in a King Arthur Camelot world of unreality.  No, great coaches are realists.  And, they have healthy doses of skepticism.  But, if they commit to you as a team member, they will always do and say things to help you get better – even in the face of great difficulty and slow progress.

With this hopeful spirit carried away from the office, salespeople walk through just one more door


They pick the phone up more times per hour.  Their voice inflections cast belief into a prospect’s wavering decision.  They win more often.  They keep believing that … they have what it takes.  Now, go and make things better. You can.  Lance.

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