If you look up the word “strategy” in various dictionaries, you find military terms like conducting, devising, or developing campaigns (or wars) to achieve a goal.  Squad leaders gather to decide approaches, methods, and lines of attack designed to win.  They spend much time planning a strategy and reviewing the results after the strategy is tactically deployed in the field.

Think about a football team that prepares for a game.  What do they know before the game begins?  What information do they use to choose what plays to run and to plan out their defensive and offensive schemes?

During the game, what discussions occur?  How does the quarterback or coach decide what to do next?  Why do they decide to use certain plays at certain times and at certain points in the game and at certain locations on the field?

Winning major accounts require strategic thought.

Those teams and individuals who successfully win new major accounts spend more time in thought and less time in action.


They work a planned process to position what they do before they do it.  They lay out their moves in relation to all the information available.  They seek to be in the right place with right people and with right presentation.  Take your time with the “big ones.”  Lance

By the way, here is a good book review of Neil Rackman’s


Major Account Sales Strategy by Rob Reed see book review.

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