What would the sales equivalent of a no-hitter look like?

Batters step to the plate and one by one they leave the game without a hit.

So, in sales, for an entire game … let’s say one year, each time my competition comes to the plate he leaves without a hit – without a sale. He might get on base. He might make some progress around the bases, but he does not get a sale. For an entire year, despite going deep into the count in several at bat situations, I still win and my opponent does not get a hit. As the pitcher, I decide when I will step to the mound and what strategic ‘sales pitch’ I will make. As a result, I keep my opponent off his rhythm and the most he can do is walk, foul the pitch off, or get on base with an error. However, he does not make a sale.

For an entire year, I win in every sales encounter with a competitor.


How sweet it is. A no hitter.  Do Better.  Lance

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