Shakespeare knew the answer … “Where for art thou?” (Romeo: “Romeo and Juliet”) Romeo, while making the sale of his life knew that his true love needed wooing – She needed to know that she was a princess in Romeo’s mind and heart and so He did woo her.

And yet, while Romeo did understand that climbing the ladder, giving attention, and saying the words were important – he went beyond and painted a picture just for his true Juliet.  Ah!!  What a salesman!

Today, we prospect, get enough appointments, and make enough presentations to reach our sales goals. We approach the account, ask the questions, put together solutions, and ask for the business. And, there’s still more. As we age well in the the business of selling, we learn to see the moon where others do not, we climb the ladder to the balcony that others avoid or miss. We apply the Art of customization to a person’s needs and we make an IMPACT upon their life. They believe we care because we took the time, thought in areas others did not, and went the extra mile … while the competition went home to bed. We stayed up and worked to make a difference – looking for the art in the deal – the extraordinary measure.

Science blended with Art – a beautiful canvas – a beautiful sale. Let’s all keep working to get better. It’s both Art and Science.  Dare GREATLY.  Lance

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