Coaching highly spirited teams requires three well-developed areas of action, thought, and attitude.  First, fathers, sales managers, CEOs, and other leaders communicate compelling reasons to reach important GOALS.  These goals, when communicated, create an emotionally charged atmosphere for the people they lead.  They inspire.  And, they provide direction, purpose, and value.  They tell us the dragon we must slay.

The second area contains PASSION and energy applied to step-by-step processes that help us win.  When one views the leaders of highly spirited teams, they see them focus work, time, and effort at activity or strategic action that impacts goal-achievement.  Team members direct their passion and apply their energy in the right areas to achieve goals.  In smoothly running sales teams, it’s clear to everyone what the manager wants, measures, and works to achieve.  And, it’s the same in highly spirited families, churches, and scout troops.

A manager or leader also pays attention to a third dimension – an area of HOPE and encouragement.  A business venture always contains battles.  Battles always contain wounded soldiers.  On the battlefield and in the tents, great leaders encourage others and sustain an attitude of hope by their presence, actions, and words.

Great sales managers establish challenging goals.  They work with an intense effort and passion in the direction of their goals.

Where great leaders build winning traditions, we find a model of commitment, passion, and hope.  You see this greatness emerge in governments, businesses, sporting teams, and other groups.  Yet, Hitler embraced all of these.  He gave his people a vision of a supreme and radically superior Aryan race – one that brought them death and loss.  He encouraged the elimination of millions of people, and in this he embodied the same passion and energy of many great leaders.  But, he lacked the fourth and centermost dimension – concern for others.  All of his efforts were self-focused and detrimental to all nations – even his own people.

That’s why great people do everything for the benefit of other people.

Great sales managers establish challenging goals.  They work with an intense effort and passion in the direction of their goals.  And, they encourage their teams and bring them hope – even amidst heavy opposition.  They do this with a concern for the customer and for each individual they manage.  They want to make those around them better – safer – happier.

Great salespeople do sales activities in a way that doesn’t run roughshod over other company employees.  They work to help the team and the company win.  When the team does not reach its goal, it’s a bad day.  When the company’s margins are affected, it’s also a bad day.  When others win, they win.  Concern for others takes precedence in every decision.  Do I stay late at the office?  What’s the family doing?  Do I cut margins on this deal?  What’s the gross margin target?  Where are we?  If we do this, how will this affect others?  How will it affect installation, operations, or customer service?  What will others have to sacrifice?

Do you want to lead a highly spirited and successful team?  Say, Yes!  And, then embrace and communicate important goals.  Encourage your team members.  Put passion and energy into step-by-step processes that win … and do everything with a concern for others.

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