Today, It was my privilege to interview a seasoned veteran for a new sales job.  As I listened to his answers to my rather “structured interview,” I began to learn – to hear the wisdom of dedicated years …

… and, I was reminded.  Wisdom resides mostly with those who have tried several doors in a productive life.  It remains true in disparate areas like marriage, sports, and sales.  Many failures lead to one success – three quotes or so lead to one sale – a lifetime of commitment through trials and testing leads to a greater love among committed lovers.

As the interview continued, I, with years of experience and a few gray hears myself, began to learn that there are still some old keys still lying around, that if found, and then turned, will open important doors.

Sales plans need wise counsel.


They need others to question them and to offer competing thoughts and wisdom.  And, they especially need those with grey or white hair to offer a smile as they reach in a pocket and bring out an old key worth using.  Then, confidence grows in those that learn from the unlocked wisdom.

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