We often recommend to our clients that they also give their entire sales and recruiting teams the CTS and LSS assessments, if they have not taken them already.

This will help sales managers in two very important ways.

  1. It will provide coaching information for existing reps.
  2. It will help you to better understand low, moderate, and high performance relative to the CTS Sales Profile scoring.

Solutions to Hard Issues

Most people want genuine mentors to teach them something practical and easy to understand. You, as a sales coach, want real solutions to hard issues and you want these solutions at hand so that you can lead a team of successful sales people. You want to address the solutions with your mentees in a kind manner and without judgment.

Having the CTS and LSS reports in front of you gives you an objective standard and takes the focus off of your more subjective ‘instincts.’

This helps you to be a better mentor and coach.

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